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Making Renting Easier

Resident Portal

When you rent from Rental & Realty Group, you gain access to your own resident portal powered by AppFolio, the industry standard in property management software at our Davenport agency. AppFolio provides residents with a single, centralized tool for managing rent and maintenance requests from any computer. Maintenance requests can also be submitted 24/7 by phone at (863) 301-3940. From the AppFolio tool, residents can:


View and pay bills anytime, anywhere


Submit maintenance requests


Set up automatic recurring payments


Email notifications (rent due dates, scheduled maintenance requests, and more)


Review payment history

Don't have an Account yet?

If you are an existing resident that has not yet set up their account on our Davenport company’s property management software, reach out to us for an activation link by contacting us today. 

important things you should know

Questions And Answers

We accept cashier’s checks or money orders during regular business hours. Or, pay online anytime using your free resident portal.

All money is due at the time of lease signing. We do not require last month’s rent. In order to move in, security deposit, first months rent must be paid in cleared funds and the lease must be signed by all parties.

A standard deposit is $1200 minimum. If the rent per month exceeds $1200, then the security deposit rises to match the rent. Typically, a minimum of one month’s rent is charged. Owners can increase or decrease this before advertising should they choose.

Yes. A walk-through will be done by our maintenance coordinator, and depending on the condition of the home, some, and in many cases all of the deposit will be refunded.

Our typical lease is 12 months. We do 7-12 months upon owner approval and resident request.


Anyone over 18 who will reside in the home must apply.

No, applications must be complete, and approved before any property can be held.

Cosigners are not accepted. Any addition parties have equal responsibility on the lease.

Call the office at least 5 days before your lease expiration and schedule a move-out walk-through. You must make sure that all your personal items are out of the home by your lease end date.

We must be provided with proof that the remaining residents can afford their monthly rent on their own. We also need written proof that you are moving from the property.

The owner is responsible for maintaining the property in good repair. However, if damage occurs that is a result of resident abuse, or negligence to perform required resident maintenance functions, then the cost to repair is attributed to the resident. Please refer to Rental and Realty’s maintenance for more details.

We will have to get approval from the home owner first. Once approved you will be required to pay a non-refundable pet fee. The $250.00 non-refundable pet fee is paid to the owner.

Our office staff can be reached by email any time. 24 Hour maintenance requests can be made via the tenant portal or by calling (863) 301-3940.

Property must first be viewed with a Realtor. Afterwards, the application is done online. Click “homes for rent” then select “Apply” in the top left corner.

Yes, Rental and Realty has several Realtors available for you at all times.